5/18/2012 Hidden Gene Zero Update


Pictured are hidden gene stingers, this is an update to show the progress of this new trait, how it's influencing other morphs when combined, our progress with the morph, and to tell how we came about this new color / pattern enhancing gene. The original hidden gene was a wild collected fat tail that didn't look far from a normal but had gravelly pattern and some nice contrast. We bred it to some normals and kept the offspring back to start a new project to see if anything would come of the new odd looking fat tail. As we bred the offspring back to each other and back to the original parent we did not see any real difference in the babies other than some had nice highlights and a few had gravelly looking background color. We actually dismissed the project as just being a nice looking line bred trait and gave up on them. We took the offspring from our breeding's and bred them to some nice zeros in our collection. After a few eggs hatched we seen a really intense crazy patterned zero that developed into a strikingly ghostly looking zero with a ultra wide stripe down the back.


Hidden Gene Zero Fat Tail Gecko

Hidden Gene Zero Fat Tail Gecko   As more eggs hatched from the group we produced a few other zeros that ended up having extra wide stripes, hazy bright colors, and distorted body pattern. We realized the new zeros we were hatching came from the project we gave up on and mixed into the zero breeding group. What was strange was how these new fat tails when combined with zeros resulted in producing such crazy looking bright ghostly looking fat tails when they have very little orange on them. Since the new trait that has such a big influence on zeros and stingers does not look like anything real special and it doesn't look far from a normal we decided to refer to the project as hidden genes. So far we have bred hidden genes into zeros and stingers, we will be breeding them into white out zeros later in the season.